OCM Heavy Duty Snap Ties

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OCM Heavy Duty Snap Ties are manufactured with integral heads, and Metal or Plastic Form Spreaders. OCM Heavy Duty Snap Ties are designed to easily tie lumber forming systems. OCM Heavy Duty Snap Ties have a nominal 1" breakback. Each Tie incorporates an anti-turn device in order to properly break after use.


  • Plastic Cone Snap Ties are recommended by OCM.
  • Snap Ties provide a positive breakback to prohibit rust stains.
  • Wall sizes up to 36" are readily available.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  OCM Part No.
Short End 4-3/4"
OCM Part No.
Long End 8-1/4"
Wall Size (inches) Carton Qty Safe Working Load (lbs)
Cone STSEC-6 HD STLEC-6 HD 6 100 3,250
STSEC-7 HD STLEC-7 HD 7 100 3,250
STSEC-7.58 HD STLEC-7.58 HD 7-5/8 100 3,250
STSEC-8 HD STLEC-8 HD 8 100 3,250
STSEC-9 HD STLEC-9 HD 9 100 3,250
STSEC-10 HD STLEC-10 HD 10 100 3,250
STSEC-11 HD STLEC-11 HD 11 100 3,250
STSEC-11.58 HD STLEC-11.58 HD 11-5/8 100 3,250
STSEC-12 HD STLEC-12 HD 12 100 3,250
STSEC-14 HD STLEC-14 HD 14 100 3,250
STSEC-15 HD STLEC-15 HD 15 100 3,250
STSEC-16 HD STLEC-16 HD 16 100 3,250
STSEC-18 HD STLEC-18 HD 18 100 3,250
STSEC-20 HD STLEC-20 HD 20 100 3,250
STSEC-24 HD STLEC-24 HD 24 100 3,250
STSEC-27 HD STLEC-27 HD 27 100 3,250
STSEC-30 HD STLEC-30 HD 30 100 3,250
STSEC-32 HD STLEC-32 HD 32 100 3,250
STSEC-33 HD STLEC-33 HD 33 100 3,250
STSEC-36 HD STLEC-36 HD 36 100 3,250
STSEC-39 HD STLEC-39 HD 39 100 3,250
STSEC-42 HD STLEC-42 HD 42 100 3,250
STSEC-48 HD STLEC-48 HD 48 100 3,250
Washer STSEW-6 HD STLEW-6 HD 6 100 3,250
STSEW-8 HD STLEW-8 HD 8 100 3,250
STSEW-9 HD STLEW-9 HD 9 100 3,250
STSEW-10 HD STLEW-10 HD 10 100 3,250
STSEW-12 HD STLEW-12 HD 12 100 3,250
STSEW-14 HD STLEW-14 HD 14 100 3,250
STSEW-15 HD STLEW-15 HD 15 100 3,250
STSEW-16 HD STLEW-16 HD 16 100 3,250
STSEW-18 HD STLEW-18 HD 18 100 3,250
STSEW-20 HD STLEW-20 HD 20 100 3,250
STSEW-24 HD STLEW-24 HD 24 100 3,250
STSEW-30 HD STLEW-30 HD 30 100 3,250
STSEW-36 HD STLEW-36 HD 36 100 3,250
STSEW-42 HD STLEW-42 HD 42 100 3,250
STSEW-48 HD STLEW-48 HD 48 100 3,250
Comments: SWL provides a safety factor of approximately 2 to 1. Special lengths and Stainless Steel also available.

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