Technical Specifications

  • Standard Material Thickness: 16 Ga (.0598")
  • Welding Electrode: EC 409 (wire)
  • Code Compliance: ACI 301 6.5 and ACI 318 6.3.1
  • Material Conformance:
    • Sheet Metal (Carbon Steel): ASTM1008/A1008M
      Mill Galvanized: ASTM A653/A653M Class G60 (.06oz/ft2)
    • Sheet Metal (Stainless Steel)

General Notes:

  1. Custom sizes are available. Lead/delivery times may vary.
  2. Handling and installation of Telesleeve™ must be in accordance with OSHA (and all other jurisdictional ageny) guidelines.
  3. Telesleeve™ is not intended to support any loading from personnel.

Installation Notes:

  1. Secure flanges "Fi" and "Fo" to deck formwork as required to prevent displacement.
  2. Reinforcing steel shall not be allowed to contact Telesleeve™ after primary installation.

Technical Specifications Telesleeve Different Views

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