MC-2010MN Advantages

Permanent Waterstopping Function

Under long term compression conventional rubber seals become distorted. Their resilience is reduced and they lose their waterstopping efficiency. Water - swelling rubber seals eliminate these disadvantages by relying on a natural, permanent physical phenomenon; osmotic pressure. This produces a continuous expansion force that in turn, allows the sealing efficiency to remain unchanged. Due to these unique features, even if fluctuation of the size or position of the aperture occurs, it is sealed effectively.

Easier and More Economical to Install

In order to get sufficient waterstopping performance by resilience, it would be necessary to, either increase the hardness of conventional rubber seals, or to choose greater dimensions or complicated forms. The result is a heavy, complicated seal that is difficult to handle and install. In contrast, water swelling rubber seals expand in water. This results in seals of smaller sizes and less hardness that do the same job. These seals are not only easier to install, but save valuable time and money.

More Advanced - More Effective Performance

This technically advanced, patented product is a unique DOUBLE LOCKING waterstop. This product can ensure greater protection against water intrusion than any other conventional waterstop available today, due to its ability to stop water  two ways. Environmentally safe and durable, it retains its waterstopping properties over time, regardless of temperature change or contact with aggressive substances.

2010M has an embedded stainless steel net to restrict expansion in length and width dimensions. The steel net directs expansion in the thickness dimension where it is most needed.

Steel net prohibits winding.

Can be screwed / nailed or glued to concrete. (Rough concrete requires Adeka Ultra Seal P-201 under the MC-2010MN)

Replaces hard to install conventional PVC waterstops.

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